Hard Water Fishing

I’m pretty sure almost every lake in the state froze after last weeks frigid temps. This does not mean to go putting away your rod and reel … if you’re a fly fisherman buck up and hit some of Colorado’s reputable tailwaters. Winter time may be cold on the water but trout still eat throughout the winter … even fish under a thick layer of ice need to eat.

So get out and drill some holes to drop a line in for some “Hard Water Fishing.”

My nephew Trace, who caught his first trout this summer, is quickly becoming an accomplished angler

Check out the full story:
LINK (Via “Team Klondike“)


~ by Nick Clement on December 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hard Water Fishing”

  1. Nick,
    Whats up its Will Down! That is an awesome site! I just sent it to my older brother! He is a fishing fanatic! He will really appreciate it! We grew up fishing up and sown the Sierra Nevada’s! He was just up at Hot Creek a week ago! Got hit by a huge storm but that just meant breaking some ice off the tip of your rod! haha He ties all his own stuff and we have fished up and down Cali and up all over Colorado! Frying Pan, Roaring Fork… Hit me up if your ever heading up the 395!

  2. Looks like a fun time out! Can’t wait to get back out again myself and from the link provided, we need to get back to the Pan ASAP

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